Marion Mayer
Animal Communicator

Animals have different ways to communicate 

Your pet can communicate with you vocally, through body language and with behavior changes. That can be being affectionate, playful but also you may find that your pet is exhibiting some madness, agressivity or challenges that baffle you.

For your pet however, this change in behavior is perfectly acceptable, because they are trying to tell you something.
There is also another way to communicate by using empathy, it's a more intuitive and instinctive way to exchange feelings and thoughts. It's a great value to add at a good knowledge of the species and breed. Thank to that, you will perfectly understand what is happening with your beloved pet, how and why.

Why communicate with your pet?

A better understanding of your pet will lead to a better answering to their behavior and an appropriate way to correct it together. You will strengthen your bond with your "beast friend".
Your furry best friend look at you every single day. Actually they know you better than yourself and they have a lot of things in mind that they would share with you, because they love you. Don't you want to know what it is? 

They just need a translator... 

You will understand them so much better. You can now discover what is in their mind!

A kiss from Nenette the pony