Marion Mayer
Animal Communicator

How I discovered animal communication

I love animals! They are so much more than just pets, they have a personality, a conscience, they have feelings likes us and they love us with all their soul, and they are trying to communicate with us.
I could see that since childhood but I never paid more attention to it. Since I met Shaina Lebeau in 2017.

First, I thought she was a little bit crazy... but she opened me the door to a new world, she taught me how to communicate with animals with intuitive communication, and it was so full of love, respectful and amazing! I couldn't imagine how much animals loves humans and how much they were craving to communicate with us. It touched my heart and it was the little push that I needed.... Now, more I'm digging into animals souls and animal well being, more I want to make things right for them, so to complete that goal, and now that I have completed a pet psychology certification, I'm also completing a training as veterinary assistant.

The certification of Marion Mayer in Pet Psychology, obtained in October 2020

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A kiss from Nenette the pony