Marion Mayer
Animal Communicator

What does a consultation looks like?

After introducing myself to your animal and you, I will stay quiet a moment to let your animal express himself and behave freely around us and take notes. After that we will discuss about it until you don't have any more question in your mind. So I vividly recommend you to write all your concerns before my intervention for that moment.
After that, I will take an extra time to show you how communicate this way yourself with your pet(s).
Also you will get the complete transcription and recommendations by email.
Usually the duration is around two hours, but I stay as flexible as needed.

    My rate for each consultation is $180 per animal and any consultation not postponed or canceled at least 24h in advance is due. I know that seems rude but the time scheduled for your consultation is lost for me and for the others that wanted this spot too.

    Due to COVID 19 the consultation must be done outside. If not possible, contact me to find a way safe for all of us. 

    A woman with a head of a dog


    With a great blessing come a great responsabilty so there is things that we need to be agree before any consultation :

    1-You are responsible for your pet, what I mean by that is : Only you can act for him, make the changes needed, and we will take time until you are ready to listen to him. Why ? Because once the animal (like humans) tell what he wants, he expects that you understand him and really try to do your best for him. If you disappoint him, his behavior can change drastically to show you how much he is upset and your life will be like hell for both of you.

    Try to imagine: you are in love and about to make your proposal, you don't know how your love will be received but you do propose, because you are brave and in love ... And what? Your beloved doesn't react... doesn't show any joy and just shows you indifference. How much will you be disappointed? How will you act with this person after such humiliation?

    It's exactly the same feeling when your animal can speak with you for the first time! So it's really important to take it seriously.

    2- All the peoples who are living with you and your animal have to agree with the first point and If it's possible, to be here during the communication because they will be involved in your pet well-being. 

    3- During the consultation we could speak about personal and sensitive topics, so I will keep confidential our entire discussion and ask for your approval if I need to use some part of it.

    4- I need your feedback, it's really important for me to do my job the best way possible. It's should be great to improve thanks to you, or to be comforted in what you were pleased.

    5- I'm not a Vet (not yet), so if you are feeling the behavior of your animal could have a medical origine, take also an appointment with your veterinarian. 

    A kiss from Nenette the pony