Marion Mayer
Animal Communicator

Animal communication is a universal language..

... But what's this thing??? How? 'Or' What? Can we telepathicaly talk with our animals? Well, yes and you would be surprised to learn that we were all born with this ability, we just used it less and less while we were learning to speak with words and growing up.

Telepathy is kind of a wave, the «Alpha wave» it's on this wave that animals are plugged permanently, be it wild animals or pets. Animal communication allows the animals to send you personal messages about your life on your blocking points. They can give you keys to accompany you in life changes. "I always say that they are our guardian angels on earth, if we listen to their advices we can only evolve to even more positive things."
(Translation from Hélène Sellier French publication)

Why communicate with your pet?

First, your furry best friend look at you every single day. Actually they know you better than yourself and they have a lot of things in mind that they would share with you, because they love you. 

Next, they are trying so hard to show you what you could do, to feel better, to confort you, to cheer you up, to reach your goal, to be a better yourself, to love yourself.... they just need a translator!

And also, that way, we can understand better such inappropriate behavior like peeling, peeing, barking, disappearing etc... You will understand them so much better, discover what is in their mind!

A kiss from Nenette the pony