Marion Mayer
Animal Communicator

Anne V. with Nenette

Nenette the pony

"The communication with the animal seems limited to petting and glances, with for all feedback a few movements of ears and tail... until we met Marion. And there, another universe takes shape, simply incredible and limpid. Your pet confides his secrets to a stranger who seems to have always been at his side! You receive a magical and troubling gift with the burning desire to train yourself, too, in this insufficiently widespread art of animal communication!!! Thank you for revealing to me the wounds and expectations of Nénette, my pony!"

Katie N. with Jack

Jack the cat"I really enjoyed having Marion come visit my cat, Jack. She spent a couple of hours with him while I was doing other things in the home. After she observed him and took notes she sat down with me to share what she had learned. I was amazed at the detailed information that she collected! It was so nice to know some of the things that Jack was thinking and feeling. When I told my family about the things that I had learned from Marion, they viewed Jack in a different way. I would definitely recommend having Marion come visit with your animal. She is very loving and intuitive. It will be a blessing to you and your animal!"

Judy with Nova 

Amouk the dog"I reached out to Marion because I was having a hard time “controlling” Nova. Nova and I chose each other 11 months ago. Taking her on walks and play dates were stressful for both of us. Marion took her time with Nova and over the course of the session Marion communicated the things Nova wanted me to know. I was under the impression Nova was going to get “training” but the only person who got clarity was me. Marion communicated Nova’s concern about my social and personal anxiety. I was brought to tears by how my little girl knew everything I was dealing with and wanted me to know how grateful she was and how special I am. At the end of our session Marion showed me how to communicate with Nova and I was able to listen to her and it was amazing. Our relationship is forever changed! Marion facilitates a unique opportunity, one many people take for granted. Truly listening....."

Annick M. with Loustique

The cat LoustiqueMarion is a key person in the relation with our dear cat Loustique. As our cat disappeared for several weeks, she could get in touch with the pet and explain the reason of the departure. There, her message was the same than the one we got from another communicator. Furthermore, she had been able to convince the cat to come back and announced the exact moment of return. Since then, it is such a wonderful comfort to have her ready to explain to our cat future challenges like travelling or absence. For any kind of concern, e.g. the cat has been injured, we can check how Loustique feels and what kind of help she needs. Marion acts as a precious fairy, taking care with a great sensitivity of human and pet needs and possibilities."

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A kiss from Nenette the pony